The Seven Deadly Sins – and the Seven Virtues

6 Nov

Father Thomas spoke today of the Seven Deadly Sins and also talked of the Seven Virtues, or their opposites.

For those that are interested, here they are:

Vice Latin Virtue Latin
Lust Luxuria Chastity Castitas
Gluttony Gula Temperance Temperantia
Greed Avaritia Charity Caritas
Sloth Acedia Diligence Industria
Wrath Ira Patience Patientia
Envy Invidia Kindness Humanitas
Pride Superbia Humility Humilitas

The Catholic Church has identified a virtue that is the opposite of each of the seven ‘deadly’ sins. Let us try to live our lives by the principles of these virtues.

I found looking at these again particularly interesting as when I was younger I used to hear them from my dad again and again. He would remind me of the sins if I didn’t share, was lazy etc. But at the same time he also praised me for keeping to the virtues. The importance of communication, especially with our children and with the younger generation, of the importance of these should not be underestimated.

These virtues need to be fundamental to our faith and to our daily lives and we need to do all we can to avoid committing these seven deadly sins. These seven sins lie at the heart of all that drives us away from the love of God.


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